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DOUGLAS FIR MOLDINGS Douglas Fir Clear Vertical Grain Moldings1 x 2″, through 1 x 12″
Vertical – FlatMixed grains
Prices based on specific inquiry – Please send us your detailed list along with your city and zip code
Installed Flooring Sample DOUGLAS FIR FLOORING Various Widths and Lengths and Grain Qualities
$.80 to $5.99 + per square foot –  Shown here as a finished floor
Front Porch Flooring with Douglas Fir DOUGLAS FIR FLOORING PORCH
Douglas Fir Clear Vertical Grain Flooring is traditionally used on covered porches
Installation Tips

  • Stack flooring indoors for a few days to allow the wood time to adjust humidity level.
  • Plan to install the flooring perpendicular to the floor joists.
  • Mark the positions of the joists along a wall for reference and nail into joists wherever possible.
  • Cover the subfloor with a layer of 15-pound asphalt felt.
  • Mark the centerline of the room and another line about 1/2 inch from the starting wall exactly parallel to your centerline.
  • Stagger them so no end joint is closer than 6 inches to an end joint in the next row.
  • Face-nail the first row through the plywood subflooring to the floor joists or sleepers using a nail set to recess the nails below the surface.
  • Blind-nail with a hammer and finishing nails this and the next two rows by hand.
  • When installing the second row and every row thereafter, move a short piece of flooring along the edge and give it a sharp rap with a mallet to tighten the new row against the previous row before nailing.
  • Use a flooring nailer once you’ve installed the first three rows.
    When you reach the final row, use a block and a pry bar to wedge the last boards tightly into position and face-nail boards.